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The Learning Loop


How do you learn to become a better leader?

Most of the things people do look like:

- Read a leadership book
- Listen to a leadership podcast
- Attend an event
- Follow a leadership influencer
- Read leadership articles

And all of these are great.

The problem is that if all you do is consume information, you are missing the other key components that help you truly learn something.

The Learning Loop framework from Shane Parrish and Farnam Street is amazing and really impacted how I approach learning.


The learning loop helps you understand that there are additional actions needed to learn all you can.

1. Have an experience
2. Take time to reflect
3. Determine takeaways
4. Put it into practice

Without all four of these, you are just creating a bunch of head knowledge that isn’t as useful as you think.

Are these part of your regular routine when you consume content?

How do you get ideas to truly change your behaviors? (drop a note in the comments below!)

And if you are interested in getting a custom visual like The Learning Loop of your own, drop me a note!

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