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The Leadership Sliders


Which shift do you think is most important for growing leaders?

For me, I would say that it is shifting from only thinking about today to thinking about the future.

Moving into a coaching mentality is a strong second.

I think that so often people become leaders without realizing that the way they think about things has to change.


They are usually awesome at doing things (which is why they get promoted) and think they can just ‘add leadership’ to their to do list.

But delegation is hard and coaching takes a lot of time and empowering doesn’t come naturally.

These shifts are hard!

And every leadership role will require a different balance on each scale.

That’s why they are sliding scales.

Ideally you will always be moving those sliders as far to the right as possible.

But depending on the season or role, they may shift back.

So leaders, what is one of these sliders you need to move to the right?

If you are interested in getting a custom visual for your next project, drop me a line.

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